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Trust Modaraba commenced its operations in 1991. The aim of Modaraba is to play its due role in transformation of countrys financial system in conformity with principles enshrined in the Shariah by providing Riba-free investment and financing opportunities aimed at socio-economic prosperity of the Nation. Trust Modaraba is a perpetual and multi-purpose Modaraba engaged in Murabahah, Musharakah and Ijarah financing, equity investments and trading.

It is listed on all the three stock exchanges of the country with authorized capital of Rs. 700 million and paid up capital of Rs. 298 million.Trust Modaraba is managed by Al-Zamin Modaraba Management (Private) Limited. Al-Zamin has proven track record of managing Modarabas in Pakistan.

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Trust Modaraba aims to evolve and practice exemplary standards of integrity and proficiency by achieving balanced growth, building quality investment portfolio, maintaining high standards of efficiency and providing good returns to its certificate holders. Trust Modaraba shall endeavor to maintain a competitive edge in the industry and contribute effectively in promotion of Islamic financial regime.

Trust Modaraba is associated with NBFI Modaraba Association of Pakistan.

It helps and offer Islamic Financing products to cater clients need as per shariah compliance.

It specialize in the following;

  • Ijaraha
  • Murabaha
  • Musharaka
  • Diminishing Musharaka
  • Project Financing
  • Managing Portfolios
  • Equity Marketing Operations
  • Rendering consultancy and advisory services for syndication of leasing and project financing
  • Providing long and short-term financing
  • Trading Activities

Trust Modaraba has relevant and vast experience since 1991 in islamic financing and a outstanding teamwork force in their Head and Regional offices .

Symbol of Trust Modaraba is TRSM.

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