Code of Ethics – Trust Modaraba

Code of Ethics

The Executives and members of staff (hereinafter called “Members”) of Trust Modaraba shall follow in letter and spirit, the best business practices as laid down in the following Code of Conduct:

1. The Members shall operate on the principles of prudence, honesty, integrity and competence in order to protect  and enhance the corporate and professional image of the Modaraba.

2. Having fully understand the enclosed Mission Statement of the Modaraba, the Members shal adopt the corporate policies formulated by the Board Of Directors, code Of Corporate Governance introduced by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Prudential Guidelines issued by Registrar Modaraba and any other guidelines or principles introduced and advised by the regulatory authorites from time to time.

3. The Members Shall contribute to create a healthy and congenial office environment based on close cooperation, harmony and liaison with colleagues and clients in order to ensure that the corporate and organizational objectives of Trust Modaraba are achieved and maintained.

4. The Members shall refrain from conducting or expressing themselves in public in a manner which may malign the institutional image and respect of the Modaraba.

5. The staff Members shall comply with the services rules and the management directives advised from time to time within the context of the overall policies and corporate culture of the Modaraba.